Our history

Our History

Horse Racing history in Puerto Rico dates back to 1882, when the first racetrack was constructed in the city of Ponce. Puerto Rico’s horse racing industry is rich in history, producing many horses and jockeys that have become local heroes.

As time went by, a horse caught the attention of the horse racing industry worldwide. His name was Camarero, winner of 56 consecutive races, a world record established in the 50′s that still stands today recorded in the Guinness’ Book of Records.

There are other horses with outstanding performances both in Puerto Rico and the continental United States – Bold Forbes, who won the 1976 Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes, ridden in both races by Angel Cordero Jr., the most famous Puerto Rican jockey; Mister Frisky, who started his career in Puerto Rico and headed with 16 straight winnings being the 1990 Kentucky Derby as the favorite.

In addition to Angel Cordero Jr., other well-known Puerto Rican jockeys worldwide are Eddie Belmonte (known to his fans as the "Golden Heart Eddie"), winner of the Preakness Stakes on Personality in 1970, and Miguel Rivera Vargas, who won the 1974 Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes with Little Current.

At present, John Velázquez, together with Willie Martínez, Norberto Arroyo, Roberto Alvarado, José Vélez, and Carlos Hiram Márquez, join the ranks of outstanding Puerto Rican jockeys in competition through out the United States.

With a history of more than 120 years, horse racing in Puerto Rico is rooted in our culture, in addition to significantly contributing to Puerto Rico’s economy.

Camarero Race Track Corporation looks into the future with great enthusiasm and is recognized as the most important horse racing venue of the Caribbean.

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